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Why we believe in Residence-based voting rights
in local elections:


A fair approach


A simpler system


Levelling up

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Democracy works better when we all participate.

Migrants are key members of UK society and must have a say in how services are run at least at the local level where change is so directly seen.

New voters do not need any more barriers to political engagement. 

Currently, the different rules on who can vote in which election causes confusion amongst voters, activists, and even politicians. 

All residents should have the right to vote in local elections for better clarity and ease of registration.

In Scotland and Wales, residence-based voting rights is a reality for all residents.

Countries including Belgium, New Zealand, and South Korea have chosen the same path. 

England and Northern Ireland should follow the lead and extend the franchise.



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See notes Campaign RevealCall to Action Infographic & Video end card & TEMPLATES (2).png

Keir Starmer answers our question on support for Residence-Based Voting Rights

Cllr Fred Grindrod asks a question at Birmingham City Council


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JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Volunteer to work with young people who care about voting rights and want to see all residents having a say in local elections.


MIGRANT IN THE UK? WANT TO VOTE? Share your story!

WRITE TO YOUR MP! Ask your Member of Parliament to support our voting rights campaign. Ask them to table our amendment and consider inviting them to meet with you so you can talk about why you believe in residence-based voting rights.

ELECTIONS BILL COUNCIL MOTION: If you are a councillor, we have a model motion you can use to support our campaign. If you want to encourage your council to pass the Residence-Based voting rights motion, write to them with a link to the motion encouraging them to pass the motion.



If your organisation believes in voting rights for all residents in England and Northern Ireland, send us your logo and let's build a coalition of voting rights champions. 

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